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Palm Maintenance

Without doubt, palm trees can be used to great effect and play a star role your garden.They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – some requiring next to no maintenance, and others requiring a little love to keep them and your surrounds looking good.

Cocos Palms and Phoenix Palms are two of the more popular varieties that require attention. Mature palms will pod and seed two to three times a year and while this is completely normal, the dropped seeds can damage property, create a trip hazard, attract bats and pests, and stain tiles and pavers. Phoenix Palms also have long spikes which can cause injury!

Avoid injury and property damage by calling in the experts in palm maintenance. On the Mark Tree Service is your trusted team of Wagga Wagga palm experts. We take pride in our highly trained and professional team’s ability to shape, maintain and clean palms, and their safe removal when necessary.

Our arborists will carefully prune or remove all types of palms – whatever your palm requirements are, we can deliver. We use dedicated equipment and experienced technicians to ensure your palm maintenance needs are met and your garden is looking its best.

For all your Palm Maintenance
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