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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning, trimming and lopping can improve the appearance, health and safety of your trees.

An On the Mark Tree Service arborist can identify the most effective course of action to keep trees in optimum health. Different pruning techniques are applied for crown thinning, deadwood removal and canopy lifting.Correctly done, pruning will help your trees flourish, remove risk and allow more sunlight through allowing plants in your garden or home to thrive.

Is your tree’s growth getting out of hand? Don’t leave your tree unattended for too long. Unkept trees create risk that can cause costly damage or cause injury from falling branches, whilst branches too close to homes can provide access to insects and rodents, or be a fire hazard. Leaves and branches can clog gutters causing water damage to buildings.

Tree pruning or trimming is an essential part of tree maintenance. Formative pruning will enhance the aesthetic of a tree, ongoing maintenance will minimise risk and remedial pruning will correct any current or potential risk, and enhance the beauty of your tree.

Why would you need to prune…

  • To ensure the safety of people and surrounding structures, our arborists will assess and recommend weight reduction pruning, removal of damaged branches or dead wooding if required. Weight reduction pruning reduces the length of branches to reduce the risk of limb failure due to weight, while dead wooding is the removal of dead, dying or diseased wood from a tree canopy. This will allow new growth to flourish and enhance the appearance of your tree.
  • Your home will be brighter and the health of the surrounding garden will benefit. Tree thinning allows more light to filter through to the garden and plants below. It will also increase air circulation through the tree canopy providing greater ability for it to handle strong winds.
  • If you have branches growing over your roofline, interfering with gutters or service wires our arborists can safely prune branches to prevent damage to your home.

In every instance, a trained arborist will assess the current and potential risk, the most appropriate health plan and the options available.

On the Mark Tree Service provides certified arborist services in Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas, always operating to Australian standards.

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