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Tree Removal

A healthy tree is a beautiful thing to behold and can give much enjoyment. Sadly, the removal of a tree is sometimes the necessary option and for any number of reasons.

On the Mark Tree Service arborists can assist by providing an expert assessment and advise on the best and most appropriate method for removal if this is the required course of action.

Some of the reasons it may be recommended your tree be removed include;

  • signs the tree is dead or in decline. As an example, if the tips of branches are dead this could be a sign of a more serious problem.
  • the structural integrity of the tree has been compromised. This could be as a result of storm damage or lightning strike.
  • the tree causes an obstruction that can’t be corrected.
  • the tree is causing damage to a footpath, a driveway or a building and pruning cannot rectify the problem.

Tree removal is not always required and after our thorough investigation we can advise whether remedial pruning or lopping can preserve your tree and its good health.

On The Mark Tree Service
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