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Tree Care

A qualified arborist will assess and recommend the best course of action to remedy or rectify tree health or damage.

In the event of storm damage or branch failures, the On the Mark Tree Service team can determine the structural integrity of the tree and the health risks associated with the trauma suffered.

Wounds and uncallused stubs caused when branches are torn from trees are at risk of disease or pest infestation.

Split trees are regularly the result of strong winds and storms and will most often require removal.Regular maintenance of your trees and professional pruning can alleviate the risk of damage in weather events.

On the Mark Tree Service can assist in diagnosing pest and disease and offer treatment options that have low impact on the environment. We can provide a plan to control and treat any identified problems, prevent potential problems and protect your plants.

Accidental root damage during gardening, home renovations or building can occur but with specialist knowledge you can lessen the impact and minimise the potential damage to your valuable tree.

Too little water, or too much? Not all trees have the same requirements as each other or the surrounding garden. With an arborist’s advice, the problem may be easily rectified and your tree returned to good health! Irrigation is a valuable addition and asset to your garden.

On The Mark Tree Service
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